Why does my community need a Radar Speed Sign?

Radar Speed Signs have been shown to have an effect on speed reduction in numerous studies. Some of the most common situations where a radar speed sign is effective are:

  • To respond to complaints of speeding from residents.
  • To make a zone prone to excessive speeding and accidents safer.
  • To help small police departments who cannot deploy officers for enforcement at all hours and in all places where speeding infractions occur.
  • To make drivers aware of a speed limit reduction in areas where a highway passes through a community.
  • To practice soft enforcement, a widely popular solution to speeding that educates rather than represses motorists.
  • To gather traffic data: this is useful in deciding when to deploy officers for additional enforcement or to make a case for future road improvements or speed limit changes.
  • To slow drivers down without the expense and inconvenience of speed bumps.
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