Which power source option is most adapted to my project?

Three different power source options make the Evolis Radar Speed Sign perfect for many different situations. When choosing which power option is best for your project, consider how often the radar will be moved and the availability of a power source at the location where the radar will be installed. To help you decide, answer the following questions:

  • Will you move the radar to different locations?
    • ↘ No. The radar will be permanently installed in one location.
      • ↘ Can you connect to the power grid at that location?
        • ↘ Yes: → AC Pack
        • ↘ No: → Solar Pack
    • ↘ Yes. We will move the radar to different locations.
      • ↘ Sometimes (less than 2 x per month): → Solar Pack
      • ↘ Often (more than 2 x per month): → AC Mobile Pack
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