What type of zones can beneffit from the installation of an EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign?

The Evolis Radar Speed Sign is a versatile device that works well in many different traffic situations, such as:

  • Transition Zones: Highways that run through towns or villages where the speed limit decreases often pose speeding hazards for these small communities. A radar speed sign is highly effective in this situation because it serves as a reminder to drivers that the speed limit has changed. The Evolis Radar Speed Sign offers two great options for this situation: the AC unit connected to the city’s lighting or the Solar powered option.
  • School Zones: Speeding can be especially dangerous in school zones where children cross the street every day. The Evolis Radar Speed Sign features a Timer Mode so that you can set up your sign to change the speed threshold and message for different days and times. You can customize the message to inform drivers that they are entering a school zone and that there are children present.
  • Work Zones: Placing an Evolis Radar Speed Sign in a construction zone can help to protect workers by making drivers aware of their speed in a reduced-speed zone. You can even customize the message display to warn drivers that they are in a work zone and that there are workers present.
  • Residential Neighborhoods: Many residential areas have problems with people driving too quickly where children are playing. In seeking solutions from local governments, neighborhood associations and HOAs are often suggested to install expensive and disruptive speed bumps on the roads. Radar speed signs are a much easier and less expensive choice. The free traffic data collection included with every Evolis Radar Speed Sign pack lets you know when regular speeders are passing, information you can share with your police department to request targeted enforcement hours.
  • Industrial Zones: The Evolis Radar Speed Sign is also well suited for both indoor and outdoor industrial use. Speed detection starts at as low as 3 mph, and the Evolis can detect all types of vehicles, including fork lifts. It will also detect a mutliple-wagon unit as one vehicle for accurate data collection. The LEDs can be adjusted for indoor use even with bright neon lights. In fact, the Evolis Radar Speed Sign has been used for several years now in industrial settings such as the Nike factory and the Montreal Airport.
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