What makes the EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign more effective than other Radar Speed Signs?

Though there are many different radar speed signs on the market today, the Evolis really stands out for its high quality, abundance of features and affordable price.

The Evolis is perfect for almost all types of roads and traffic situations, from small towns to big cities to industrial zones. The combination of features and quality make the Evolis Radar Speed Sign better at slowing down drivers than your average radar speed sign, with an average 25% decrease in speed!

The Evolis is particularly effective because of:

  • The visibility of the display (800+ feet!) and the long range of detection
  • The readability of the display (600+ feet!)

Plus many unique features designed to have a psychological effect on the driver that leads to behavior change:

  • The speed display (often a driver doesn’t realize that he or she is driving over the speed limit)
  • The tri-color display: green is good, amber is neutral, red is dangerous
  • The customizable messages to reinforce positive driving and stop speeding
  • The uncertainty of whether the sign will lead to enforcement actions
    • The display of his speed (most of the time the driver is unaware that he is speeding)
    • The color association of the display whether: green for positive, amber for neutral, or red for negative
    • The messages to help reinforce the driver’s speed correction
    • The ambiguity regarding further repressive / enforcement actions (cameras, tickets, near-by cruisers, etc.)
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