What kind of traffic data does the EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign collect and record?

Free traffic data collection is included in every Evolis Radar Speed Sign pack. The Evolis radar speed sign can store bi-directional traffic data for as many as 1 million cars! Each pack also includes user-friendly software to create graphs and charts for you to analyze and present the information collected such as average and maximum speeds, 85th and 50th percentiles, and an estimated vehicle count. The information can easily be exported as PDFs for quick and easy traffic reports. You can use Bluetooth, our smartphone application, or a USB cable to download the data from the radar speed sign.

There is absolutely NO CHARGE for this service – no subscription or update fees ever!

Please keep in mind that most companies do not automatically include traffic data collection in the purchase of a radar seed sign, and when they do they often charge HUGE monthly or yearly fees for the data from each unit!

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