What kind of maintenance do the EVOLIS Radar Speed Signs require? And what about the batteries?

Each Evolis Radar Speed Sign comes with a 24-month warranty which covers any product defect. However, each Evolis Radar Speed Sign is made to last through 5-10 years of use! There are many Evolis Radar Speed Signs that have been going strong for more than 12 years and are showing no signs of stopping!

Once the warranty period is up, all software updates remain free and available. Our tech team is at your service if your Evolis Radar Speed Sign would ever need repair. They’re just an email away: tech@elancity.net

All batteries sold by Elan City include a six-month warranty, but they usually last at least 2 to 5 years (depending mostly on the use of the radar speed sign). The high-quality batteries are specially made for the Evolis Radar Speed Sign. If you should require replacement of your batteries or if you would like to order some spares, please contact your account manager.

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