So why is the EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign the best on the market?

Not only is the Evolis Radar Speed Sign a proven effective traffic calming tool, but each Evolis is conveniently packaged as an all-inclusive, ready-to-use device. Each Evolis includes the following exclusive features:

Three-color speed display

The Evolis Radar Speed Sign speed digits change colors according to the approaching vehicle’s speed and the set speed threshold, from red to amber to green. The brain quickly reacts to the color association, making this more effective than a simple display of speed.

Message display

The Evolis Radar Speed Sign comes programmed to display three different messages simultaneously with the driver’s speed: THANK YOU, SLOW DOWN, and TOO FAST. The messages can also be customized to display exactly what you want! For example, some of our customers have found that programming the message to display the speeding ticket cost in that area (example “$150 FINE!”) is very effectiving in getting drivers to slow down (this feature can also be turned off if your DOT does not allow customized messages).

Three rows of ultra brilliant LEDs

For greater visibility and legibility of the speed display from farther away, making the Evolis a more effective traffic calming device.

School Zone / Timer Mode

You can set the speed threshold and messages to change at certain times and days of the week, perfect for school zones.

Traffic Data Collection

Every Evolis Radar Speed Sign comes with free bi-directional traffic data collection with a storage capacity of over 1 million cars! To interpret the data, the Evolis includes user-friendly software to create visuals for traffic reports. The data collected includes average speeds, maximum speeds, percentiles, and traffic counts. To download the data from the Evolis Radar Speed Sign, you can connect with Bluetooth, our Android smartphone application, or with a USB cable. There are no — and never will be — any subscription or update fees for this service, making the Evolis stand out from competitors who charge thousands of dollars in yearly fees!


The Evolis Radar Speed Sign is very easy to install and comes with a complete User Guide for set-up and maintenance. You don’t have to be an electrical engineer to set up and use the Evolis!

  • Designed to be user-friendly
  • Quick and easy set-up with a universal mounting kit
  • Clear and detailed user guide and instructions
  • Intuitive software to configure the radar settings and analyze traffic data
  • Friendly and knowledgeable tech team available to help.

Aesthetically pleasing

Not only is the Evolis effective, but it’s also a good-looking addition to any street! The Evolis Radar Speed Sign is not just a traffic-calming tool; it’s a piece of modern urban furniture that looks great in any environment. Residents love seeing the Evolis Radar Speed Sign in their neighborhoods.


There really is no better deal on the market! The Evolis Radar Speed Sign has advanced features, the best radar technology, and free traffic data collection all for a fraction of the cost of other radar speed signs!

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