Power Source Options available for your Radar Speed Signs

A Variety of Power Source Options

Every EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign is sold as an all-inclusive package. Simply choose the power supply choice that is best for your situation, whether you plan to use the EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign in a permanent location or move it often to different locations. Contact us today, and one of our radar speed sign experts will help you choose the best pack for your project!

    Solar Pack

  • picto solar

    The EVOLIS Solar Pack is perfect for either a permanent location or to be moved less than once a month.

    The Solar package includes a solar panel that takes care of charging the batteries for you, plus all of the necessary installation accessories and standard pack features. No wonder it's our number one seller!

  • AC Pack

  • picto cables

    The EVOLIS AC Pack is made for a permanent location with access to the city's electricity.

    A great choice if you have one specific location in mind where you would like to reduce speeding. The AC package includes all of the standard pack parts.

  • AC Mobile Pack

  • picto battery

    The EVOLIS AC Mobile Pack is ideal for a community looking to move the radar speed sign to different locations often.

    This pack is battery-powered, but can also be connected to mains power line for permanenet placement. The AC Mobile Pack comes with extra batteries, an external charger and an additional mounting bar plus the standard pack features.