Is the EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign for portable or permanent use?

Both! The Evolis Radar Speed Sign with its various power source options, lightweight design, and quick set-up, is great for both permanent and portable use. No matter what traffic situation leads you to look for a radar speed sign, there is an Evolis for you!

Permanent Placement

A typical permanent installation scenario for radar speed signs, are communities wishing to secure the entries of a highway that intersects their community, as these zones are commonly prone to speed infractions. The Evolis Radar Speed Sign can either be connected to the city lighting for this scenario, or for fully autonomous use, we recommend the Solar-option.

Semi-Permanent Placement

Some communities desire the option of occasionally rotating their radar speed sign to different locations, in order to secure a particular zone for a specific event or time period or to conduct studies on said road. Depending on the frequency of the rotation, a community can choose from either the fully autonomous Evolis Radar Speed Sign Solar-option or the fully, battery-operated Evolis Radar Speed Sign option.

Frequent Placement Rotation

A response or action to a specific zone or neighborhood’s complaints of speeding can be efficiently addressed with the punctual placement of a radar speed sign for a specific period of time. And with the Evolis Radar Speed Sign’s traffic data collection and included software, reports can easily be made to help conclude the study of the traffic’s adjusted behavior.

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