How to install the EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign?

The Evolis Radar Speed Sign is very quick and simple to install. Just take it from one of our customers : “Our new Evolis Radar Speed Sign from Elan City only took 15 minutes to install on to one of our posts. All I have to say is WOW!!! Thank you again!”

Every Evolis Radar Speed Sign includes a mounting kit to attach the radar speed sign to a pole or post. This mounting bar is universal and is easy to adapt to use on almost any type of pole or post with pole straps (not included, but available at any hardware store).

For the solar power option, it is recommended to mount the Evolis radar speed sign on a round pole with a minimum 5 inch diameter for stability. However, it is also entirely possible to use a square post / u-channel as well. Just ask your account manager for instructions with photos on how to do so.

The User Guide for the Evolis Radar Speed Sign provides clear and easy-to-follow instructions with photos and diagrams. The tech team is also happy to help with any questions you have:

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