How long is a Radar Speed Sign effective for in a certain area?

You will notice the effects of a radar speed sign in slowing people down not only after immediately after installing it, but also over the long term. To understand why a radar speed sign is effective, it’s important to examine two different kinds of drivers:

  • Frequent passers (residents, commuters, etc.) see their speed on the radar speed sign nearly every day. These drivers are reminded of the potential dangers of speeding if they are over the speed limit, and are content to receive a “Thank You” message when they are under the speed limit.
  • Infrequent passers may not be aware of the speed limit in the area, especially in a zone where the speed limit has dropped or there is a long stretch of straight roadway. These users will be very affected by seeing their speed publicly displayed on the radar speed sign, making them aware that they are speeding and perhaps even make them wonder about speed enforcement in the area.

The Evolis Radar Speed Sign has some special features that make it even more effective than your average radar speed sign:

  • An ultra-bright speed display: The easily visible speed display of the Evolis Radar Speed Sign is public proof of a speeding infraction. For most drivers, this is enough to make them slow down.
  • Color association: Green is good, yellow is neutral, and red is negative. We immediately recognize these colors and their associations and thus have a faster reaction.
  • Messages: The messsages of the Evolis Radar Speed Sign reinforce the slowing down effect of the sign. Speeding drivers see “SLOW DOWN” or “TOO FAST” and drivers obeying the speed limit are satisfied to have a “THANK YOU” message.

The proof is built into the sign! Simply configure your sign to “Stealth Mode”– drivers will see a blank screen, but the Evolis Radar Speed Sign will still collect traffic data. This way, you can compare the data to that of when the sign is in standard mode and the drivers see their speed.

Don’t just take our word for it! 41% of our customers order another Evolis Radar Speed Sign within 16 months of ordering their first.

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