How do motorists and residents feel about Radar Speed Signs?

Radar Speed Signs have been used more and more every year for over a decade now. Their effectiveness is evident from the very first day of use, and in one survey, more than 90% of communities found the radar speed sign to be a valuable traffic calming tool. It is often demanded by residents who identify speeding problems in their communities, and generally a very popular means of calming traffic.

Residents notice right away the strong effect that the radar speed sign has on speed reduction in their neighborhoods and in front of their schools, and they are often very appreciative. The Evolis Radar Speed Sign is especially popular with regular commuters on certain routes as it displays a positive message for those driving under the speed limit – “Thank You” is the standard message for this situation, but this is entirely customizable.

Most of the time radar speed signs are used in areas where the majority of speed infractions are less than 10 mph over the speed limit. Often these drivers are on a routine drive and unaware that they are speeding. Radar speed signs are so effective in these situations because they call drivers’ attention to their speed and the speed limit, giving them the opportunity to slow down and receive the “Thank You” message of positive reinforcement.

Drivers who are just passing though who are speeding may be doing so because they are unaware of the speed limit, especially if it changes at the entrance to a town or in a school zone, will also be susceptible to change their behavior with the feedback of their speed displayed on the radar speed sign.

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