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Here at Elan City, we are committed to making communities safer by offering efficient and inexpensive solutions for traffic calming.

elan city narrow bridge
elan city narrow bridge

A brief history of traffic calming solutions…

Since the beginning of the age of the automobile, speeding has posed a threat to the safety of towns and neighborhoods. Municipalities and police departments have attempted many different solutions to reduce speeding from speed bumps to chicanes. The first radar speed display signs were almost always attached to a trailer: a costly, heavy, burdensome piece of equipment that was unfortunately the only option for many years.

Fortunately, radar speed signs have come a long way since then. In Europe, the basic pole-mounted radar speed sign appeared in the 1990s. Radar speed signs have since become more advanced devices with high-tech capabilities and intuitive design.

Radar Speed Signs are the perfect solution for reducing speed without enforcement and have been shown time and time again to be effective even for long-term use.

Elan City : our story


Alarmed by the increasing rates of speed-related traffic accidents, in 2005, a group of tech experts got together to found Elan Cité, the parent company of Elan City.

Their goal was to create a more effective and affordable radar speed sign with advanced features for a fraction of the cost of the other market options. Using only the highest caliber parts and the latest technology, they developed the Evolis Radar Speed Sign. The high quality and incredibly low price helped the Evolis Radar Speed Sign to quickly become one of the most popular in Europe, and soon all over the world.


Growing demand from police departments and town halls throughout the USA led us to create our American subsidiary. Elan City was launched to provide American customers with more affordable and practical choices in the radar speed sign market.


Our Long Island City, NY office first opened. Continuous growth has led our team to grow in size, today with over 40 full-time employees.


Over 13,000 Evolis radar speed signs have been installed making over 8000 communities in 45 different countries safer.

elan city slowdown
elan city slowdown


Our core belief is that every community deserves a choice in affordable traffic calming solutions that really work, and that a low budget shouldn’t mean low quality. That is why we are always working to improve and innovate to continue to offer the world’s best and most affordable radar speed sign. Our objective has and always will be the same: offer the highest quality devices at the lowest price.

Give your community the best for the least!