Effectiveness guaranteed for Radar Speed Signs

It’s a fact that all Radar Speed Signs can be effective in traffic calming, but the standout qualities of the EVOLIS lead to a reduction in speed of 25%!

Detects vehicles from 1,000+ feet away!

Powerful Doppler radar technology means that the driver can see their speed from a further distance and slow down soon.

Visibility from 600+ feet!

3 rows of ultra-bright LEDs make our speed digits easy to see from far away.

Three colors

Depending on the driver’s speed, the speed digits on the sign change from green for drivers below the speed limit, amber for drivers at the speed limit, and red to signal that a driver is speeding. This color association gives the driver strong, instantaneous psychological feedback (this function can also be set to display only amber if wanted).


Standard or personalized messages are shown at the same time as the driver’s speed to send a strong message to slow down speeding drivers and reinforce positive driving behavior (the message display can also be turned off, or other models with no text can be used).