Easy to Use Radar Speed Signs

You don’t need to be an expert to install and operate the EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign!

Quick and simple set-up

  • Takes only 15 minutes for 1 non-expert to install!
  • Lightweight and no-nonsense design make it easy to use
  • Mounting bar that works with almost any kind of pole or post, for hassle-free installation
  • Simple, intuitive set-up and installation directions
mounting bar

User-friendly software for sign set-up and traffic data

  • Pre-installed factory settings for quick set-up (dial on radar speed sign)
  • Customizable settings with easy-to-use software
  • Statistics and traffic data reports in visual charts and graphs, exportable as PDF files
  • Bluetooth® and Android app to update the radar’s settings and collect data

Tech Team & Customer Support

Any questions at all? Just contact our helpful tech team at tech@elancity.net